August 3, 2021
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What Questions To Ask A Landscape Designer?

What Questions To Ask A Landscape Designer?

Landscaping of your backyard gives an appealing look to your home. It is a perfect place to unwind and relax with your family. It creates a beautiful and elegant look to your home interior that grabs everyone’s attention. But keeping your landscape pristine and clean is the utmost priority.

The landscape of your front and back yard requires a skilled landscape designer. So, you are concerned about how to work with a landscape designer. Before employing any professional landscape services for your home. It is important to understand what questions to ask a landscape designer?

Along with this, considering a selection of a landscape designing company for your landscape is equally significant. So, let’s go through some factors to keep in mind when approaching a landscape designer.

Top Questions To Ask A Landscape Designer

1) What Services Do You Offer?

There are mainly three services provided by the landscape designer.

  • Full Service: Here, landscape specialists design, install, and maintain your landscape.
  • Design Only: As per your requirement, the landscape designer only provides you a design. They create detailed plans for the designing purpose. Then, hand over their designs to you.
  • Design-Build: They offer design as well as installation of the design for your landscaping.

2) Do You Have Evidence Of Your Work?

Looking for a landscape designer portfolio is something that is very important for landscaping. Experienced and knowledgeable designers have their own diverse portfolios. So, make sure that you consider a question to ask a landscape designer for their work example which reflects their style of working.

3) What Is The Estimated Cost?

Ask a landscape designer about the estimated cost of the design and installation process. Here, clear communication between you and the designer is important. It gives you a clear idea about the cost analysis. Cost varies according to the square foot of the design plan. So you may be able to eliminate cost by removing some of the features in your design.

4) Do You Provide Consultations?

Some landscape designers provide one-to-one interaction and consultations for your design. So before employing any professional landscaping services, know about their consultations. They mainly come to your property and give some ideas about designing. It also provides you the opportunity to check whether they are prepared to collaborate with you.

5) What Method Do You Use?

The procedure of a landscape designer is determined by the service they offer. Therefore, initially, get all procedure specifics so that you know what to expect from a professional landscape designer. If you hire a landscape designer, then you need to contact for overseeing your design installation process.

6) How Long Is The Installation Time?

The timeframe of your landscape design and installation is based on the size, material delivery time, the scope of the project, and weather. Thus, you need to ask for an estimated range for your project completion.

7) When Can I Expect My Garden to Bloom?

It takes time for the garden to grow due to the scope, types, and maturity time period when they are planted in your landscape. Therefore, ask your designer which plant is useful for the semi-mature specimen.

8) Is There Any Scope For Cost Reductions?

While in the design planning phase, it is important to consider the cost. So discuss with your designer, as the pathways, retaining walls, and decks are costlier than a planted garden. The designer gives you plans for your landscape area that suit your budget as well.

9) How Much Does Landscape Maintenance Cost?

Designing and installation of the plants also require proper maintenance. Then, ask your designer about top landscape maintenance tasks for flourishing your garden for years to come. Otherwise, it can also recommend specialists that can take care of your landscape.

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