June 21, 2023
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Landscape Lighting Ideas For Portland Homes By RCS Landscape, LLC

Landscape Lighting Ideas For Portland Homes

A first impression of your home is always reflected through its outdoor look, particularly the landscape. The more enhancing the landscape, the more blooming your home will.

Are you willing to get a chance to create a distinct reputation for your Portland home? If so, our landscaping experts at RCS Landscape, LLC have some interesting landscape lighting ideas that would give your home a unique and adorable outlook.

1. The Idea Of Glinting Trees

Landscape Lighting Ideas

When we talk about landscape lighting, the foremost thing which might come to your mind is the greenery and attractive trees. Installing bulbs and string lights strategically can improve the overall appearance of the landscape.

A proper layout plan should be drawn especially regarding the trees and the lights needed to attach over them. Consider the size and shape of the trees as well as the overall look that you are trying to achieve.

Use solar-powered string lights in order to avoid the need for a nearby electrical outlet. Another factor is the safety measure. We advise choosing the proper quality of lights and bulbs as defective ones can, in fact, ignite fire due to a slight spark.

2. Install Hanging Lantern Lights

Landscape Lighting Ideas

For adding more shine to your landscape lighting, hovering lanterns can be a good choice along the post or behind the home. You can also hang them over the posts which you might have installed at even intervals along the walkways.

But before that, you should choose the type of lanterns that you have to hover. For example, solar or battery-operated candle lanterns give a classic glow.

Lanterns should be kept in a dry place when they are not in use so as to make sure of their proper workings. Also, securely fasten them so that they don’t blow away with the wind.

3. Add More Joy Through Overhead Lighting

Landscape Lighting Ideas

The landscape is a perfect place to sit and enjoy reading your favorite novel or having your much-adored meal. But how about adding more pleasure by installing glimmering lights over the seating arrangement?

Overhead lighting can create a variety of moods in your garden especially if you have a gathering with your friends or playing some outdoor games with your family.

But even here, a little planning is a must. Choose the type of lighting you want to install as that should neither be over-bright nor too dim. Because a little defection can destroy the pleasant mood of those enjoying beneath it. RCS Landscape, LLC pros suggest incandescent bulbs can be a good choice.

4. Enhance The Outlook Of The Pond

Landscape Lighting Ideas

Another feature to enhance your landscape is to illuminate your pond by installing glimmering lights.

But in order to achieve that, the type of light you want to install should be selected accordingly. For example, solar lights can float on the surface of the water. Led lights can be placed under the water to create colorful and shimmering effects. String lights can be draped along the trees or the bushes.

Our creative pros recommend the lights should be placed strategically considering the size and depth of the pond. And most importantly, use different color lights for different areas of the pond so as to make it look more alluring.

5. Lighting Around The Fire Pit

Landscape Lighting Ideas

The fire pit lits enough light. So why there’s a need to install extra lights? Well, there is obviously an explanation behind it.

Extra lighting around the fire pit emphasizes the pit’s amazing architecture and creates a safer outdoor space by the fire. It can also help in preventing accidents, for example, if someone slips and falls, the extra light will help to make it easier to see and avoid injuries.

Extra lights also extend the amount of time to enjoy with your family and friends.

6. Blooming Lights For Garden Pathway

Landscape Lighting Ideas

As dusk approaches, blooming lights around the garden pathway gives you easy access to patios, pond, firepit, play area, etc.

Use shaded stake lights as they provide downward illumination on the ground making it easier for your kids to play even during the night.

Stake lights can also be used to highlight certain parts of your landscape which in turn can add more elegance and charm to your garden.

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