July 17, 2023
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A Guide on Weekly Lawn Maintenance by RCS Landscape, LLC

A Guide on Weekly Lawn Maintenance

The maximum portion of your landscape’s beauty is decided by your lawn. If kept well, it never fails to elevate the looks and functionality of your outdoors. And maintaining a lawn is not difficult. It just needs the right care at the right intervals. Here is a simple guide by RCS Landscape to maintain your lawn to keep it looking green and healthy all the time.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance Guide

⇒ Mowing

Mowing the grass helps bring even layers, healthy regrowth, and better nutrient absorption. But cutting it at the right height is crucial. Mowing high and not cutting the grass too short helps keep the roots healthy. Make sure that you do not trim more than ⅓ rd of your grass length at a time. This prevents the sudden loss of photosynthetic ability.

Our landscaping experts recommend changing the mowing heights with the seasons. The grass tends to bend in the direction of mowing. Altering the directions with different mowing sessions is advisable.

Moreover, the general rule is to mow your lawn every week. However, the actual frequency should be based on your lawn’s grass growth. (Sometimes it grows faster, needing frequent mowing.) But whenever you mow it, ensure it is dry. We would not suggest mowing a wet lawn as it causes lumps and uneven trimming.

One additional tip by our Portland pros is to keep the trimmed excess of grass lying on the lawn. This will help retain its nutrients.

⇒ Watering

Watering should be done deeply at less frequent intervals for the best growth. Providing water when it is needed is the most optimal. If the grass blades do not bounce back within a few seconds of stepping on them, your lawn needs water.

The amount of water usually depends on the weather and the grass needs. However, 1 to 1.5 inches per week can be considered, letting the top 2 inches of soil dry before the next watering session.

A sprinkler system is the best way to water your lawn. And the ideal time to do so would be early in the morning or late evening. So that the water gets properly absorbed before getting evaporated.

⇒ Sweeping

Regular sweeping of your lawn is among the essential landscape maintenance tasks. The loose debris and dry leaves keep collecting on the grass. Removing them is important to prevent obstruction to grass growth and prevent damage to its soil. This also ensures that your grass can breathe as it cleans the upper layer.

Make sure you sweep with the right tools to avoid damaging the soil while also removing the debris.

⇒ Inspection

Inspecting your lawn’s quality is as crucial as other tasks. Due to weather conditions, inappropriate care, or other reasons, your lawn can face issues. And regular inspection can help point them out at an early stage.

This helps in the immediate removal of the weeds or diseased portions, restoring your lawn’s health back.

The inspection can also help your lawn receive professional care at the right time. If you think your lawn needs expert maintenance, our team of landscaping pros is here for you at RCS Landscape, LLC.

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