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Professional Landscape Installation in Lake Oswego OR

A lush and beautiful landscape can, without a doubt, increase the value and enhance the look of any property, whether it is residential or commercial. But it takes much effort to create and maintain a captivating landscape, and all that effort can go to waste without proper installation.

At RCS Landscape LLC, we are renowned for our professional landscape installation services in Lake Oswego. In our 10 years tenure as a landscaping company, we have provided many property owners with the landscape of their dreams. Our team strives to provide results that meet your expectations by helping you install a breathtaking landscape that is visually appealing and also includes functional features.

Landscape Contractors


Exclusive Process of Installation


Plan and design the entire landscape project.


Clear the site and prepare the ground.


Install hardscape elements like walls & paths.


Set up the irrigation system, if needed.


Plant vegetation as per needs and requirements.


Apply mulch & fertilizers for improved plant growth.


Add final touches for a polished & refined look.


Conduct the last inspection & get feedback.


Get Excellent Perks By Hiring Us

Enhance your outdoor area’s look.

Provides wall retention features

Raise the resale value of your property.

Give a fresh & welcoming quality feel of life outdoors

Use your outdoor area for cooking & entertainment purposes.

Meet all customer demands & give them 100% satisfaction

Change the unused outdoor spaces into functional areas.

Landscaping the outdoors will become the best place for your family gatherings.

Timely work completion & priced within your budget.

Want To Get Your Dream Landscape?- Start Here

Do you want to see your dream landscape manifested into reality? Then look no further than us. Our team of skilled and creative architects will fulfill all your requirements and give you a landscape that meets all your needs and desires. So whether you have a plan or want to start from scratch, don’t wait anymore and contact us today to experience the best landscape installation.

5-star rating

What Our Clients Are Saying!

Gordon Ringer
Gordon Ringer
My apartment's back yard was very overgrown with English Ivy. It had been taking over for eight years. The ivy required removal and not just a cut back. Recardo was responsive and helpful in both his quote and his (and his team's) work. RCS Landscaping was on time and on budget. I am very pleased with their work and work ethic. They are pleasant to work with, courteous and listen to the needs of their customer. Later this year I plan on asking Ricardo to come back to help with new garden design and installation. I will recommend RCS Landscaping to my friends and neighbors. Great Job Ricardo!! Gordon Ringer
We just finished a job with Ricardo and his team and could not be happier. We found his name through Angi's List and interviewed him and a few other companies. He stood out immediately as someone who really knew his craft well and was going to put in extra effort to make sure the plants didn't just look nice when the project was finished, but that they would continue to grow well. We were worried that since he was so much more professional than the others we interviewed, his prices would be too high, but when his bid came in, it was within the range of the others, so it made our choice obvious. He clearly cares about his work coming out perfectly and will spend the time to make sure it looks right. He is not just there to get it done quickly and move on to the next job. He will make sure his work is done properly and will made sure you are happy with the outcome. We were delighted with his work and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Ricardo and team!
Azla Lawry
Azla Lawry
Ricardo and his team were absolutely wonderful to work with. Our backyard was a mud pit and they were able to convert it into a beautiful space, in a very short amount of time. They were professional, very experienced and most importantly, honest. I always felt like Ricardo was providing us with reliable and honest information and options - even if it meant that he would make less on our project. Such a refreshing experience! We'll be doing work on the front yard in a couple years and there is no one else I'd trust to do the work. We will definitely be using Ricardo and his team again.
Miranda Wood
Miranda Wood
Ricardo and his team did an amazing job on our backyard, transforming a blank dirt slope into a beautiful backyard with stairs, grass, river rock channel, retaining walls, garden beds and drainage system to channel the water off the hill. A huge task to undertake in adverse weather, Ricardo's team was flexible and adaptable working with the difficult terrain and professional, friendly and willing to go the extra mile the whole time. Would definitely recommend and hire again for additional work next season.
jason fields
jason fields
Ricardo was nice, and provided great feedback on my backyard needs. Appreciated the guidance.
Our experience with Ricardo and his crew was exceptional! They took out a horrible looking fence, leveled the yard, and replaced the fence with a gorgeous cedar fence. We couldn’t be happier. He and crew are very receptive to questions and he gets back to you quickly when you leave a message. A very hard working crew! We highly recommend Ricardo for your landscaping needs. We will use him again.
Maureen Kirkbride
Maureen Kirkbride
Excellent work, outstanding ethics, friendly and am very pleased with their rates. Totally recommend José and crew!
Amanda Coppa
Amanda Coppa
We thoroughly enjoyed working with Ricardo and his team. Not only was the work highly professional and exceeded expectations, the turnaround time and communication was excellent. We definitely recommend RCS for landscape needs!
Ricardo is incredible! He is very hardworking, genuine, and honest. He gives fair pricing and realistic expectations. He completely ripped out all the awful trees, bushes, shrubs, etc that were in my back and front yard and leveled all the landscape. He added lots of new sod after the leveling. He leveled and constructed and entire seating area and constructed a real wood burning fire pit. He planted a bunch of new beautiful plants. He created an entire new walkway/entrance to our house lined with boxwood. He did an amazing job! Highly recommend!
Sarah G
Sarah G
They did an amazing job with my yard. Very easy to work with!!


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What Is The Best Time Of Year For Landscape Installation?

Landscape Installation occurs in cycles throughout the year. Since the temperatures are cold during the fall, it is ideal for planting trees and bushes. Landscaping continues until the fall until the ground freezes or snow starts to fall. Contact landscaping companies during winter to ensure timely completion.

Is Landscape Installation Possible If I Have Design Ready?

Yes, this is possible. Our professionals will inspect the design. They will get an estimate. Professionals will guide you through the materials used and help you with the approximate cost and time taken for the Landscape Installation. Feel free to reach out to us even if your design plans are ready to get installed.

What Do I Need While Preparing For Landscape Installation?
Specifically, you don’t need anything to do. Remove any items you don’t need to be a part of our Landscape Installation. We will take care of all the remaining items required for the Landscape Installation plan. Relax while we are having your landscape prepared.
After Landscape Installation, How Would I Maintain Them?
Well, it takes a lot while we do landscape installations. The items are well arranged, well designed, and well created. We know it is difficult to shell out time from your routine. After our services, we offer packages that help you with maintenance for up to one year.
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