August 23, 2023
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When Is The Best Time To Redesign Your Landscape? : A Guide by RCS Landscape, LLC

So if you are bored looking at your dated landscape with overgrown trees and uneven lawns, landscape redesign is a great way to revitalize your landscape. But choosing the right time is crucial for a hassle-free redesign process.

According to our landscaping experts –

“Fall is the best time to redesign your landscape. It is a time when temperature and rains are moderate, creating the most favorable conditions for the healthy growth of plants.”

However, your landscape redesign requirements are crucial when choosing the right time. Apart from that, your regional climate conditions can also affect the ideal time to make changes in your landscape.

The Best Time To Redesign Your Landscape

⇒ Redesigning in Fall

If you plan to make major changes in your landscape, fall is the best time to redesign your landscape. The mild temperature with slight heat will give the new plants a balanced condition to grow properly.

Whichever plants you grow this season will get enough time to make their roots strong and establish.

You can plan the right choice of plants as per the type of your soil and as recommended by your local landscaping expert to help you with a variety of landscape redesign ideas.

⇒ Redesigning in Spring

Spring season has a lot of weather fluctuations. The varying conditions may not provide a stable environment for ideal growth. Although you cannot think of doing a complete redesign in spring, you can still have some options to go for.

You can consider planting new flower beds, trees, and shrubs.

New flower beds are a good yet easy option if you want to make a slight change in your landscape. They will also add a great touch of colors. Further, in spring, you’ll get a lot of options with shrubs to choose from.

⇒ Redesigning in Summer

Summers can be harsh on plants, especially when you are planning to plant new ones, as they may not withstand the heavy heat and dryness of the sun. This means you will have to take care of the watering needs a little more.

And you can also use mulch to retain the moisture in the soil to prevent quick evaporation.

If you want to plant in summer, you can think of the plants that take less amount of water to grow, those that are drought resistant, or the ones that have a good ability to tolerate heat.

⇒ Redesigning in Winter

Just like summer, the cold, frozen ground in winter is not too pleasant for plants to grow. We would suggest you keep the idea of planting away in winter. However, what you can instead do is upgrade your hardscape.

Winter is the best time to work with solid concrete structures instead of softscaping. You can change or expand your driveways, pathways, patio, lighting, etc., to make it more functional.

The landscapers will also have plenty of time during the winter months as their peak season is gone.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, fall is the best time to redesign your landscape due to the ideal and favorable conditions it provides. The heat in summer can be drying for plants, so drought-resistant plants are good options.

Spring cannot be ideal for an entire makeover, but planting perennials and shrubs will do. And lastly, winters are better for focusing on hardscaping instead of planting due to extreme cold and frozen soil.

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