July 6, 2023
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Low-Maintenance Trees for Your Backyard: A Guide by RCS Landscape, LLC

Some low-maintenance trees for backyards

An exquisite and lively backyard increases the aesthetic appeal of your property. Keeping the backyards clean and maintaining them well takes a lot of effort. Thus, if you wish to reduce the maintenance work, then install low-maintenance trees in your backyard.

RCS Landscape, LLC is here to recommend you a few low-maintenance trees for your backyard which will enhance the beauty of your property and require less care and attention. Read out this blog to have a completely better understanding.

Eight Different Kinds Of Low-Maintenance Trees

1. Maple Tree

There are many varieties of maple trees. These are the shade trees, growing in moist soil. The most popular and fastest-growing maple tree is Red Maple(scientific name – Acer rubrum). They adapt to a wide range of habitats, tolerate compact and wet soil, and have exceptional resistance to droughts.

Furthermore, the Japanese Maple(scientific name – Acer palmatum) is the best-suited maple tree for winters and shows its beauty all year round. It is also famous for its brilliant autumn foliage, where the color of the leaves changes to orange and crimson red.

2. Redbud Tree

Redbud trees are low-maintenance trees that are easy to grow and survive in nearly all climatic conditions. They have beautiful flowers and attractive foliage which enhances the appearance of your backyard.

Our experts suggests you plant the eastern redbud tree(scientific name – Cercis canadensis) as it adds charm to your backyard. The flowers bloom from early to mid-spring. This tree reduces the need for regular care and withstands diseases.

3. Crepe Myrtle Tree

Crepe myrtle is mostly seen in areas that experience frequent summer rains. They are the fastest-growing tree where there is no need for rich soil or proper drainage and requires less attention and care. Thus it is easy to maintain.

We advise you to add crepe myrtle(scientific name – Lagerstroemia) to the backyard as they have beautiful blooming pink flowers and bright green foliage. The flowers bloom in different environmental conditions, and the color changes according to the seasons.

The tree needs minimal watering and is drought-tolerant. This tree can also grow in areas where the temperature does not become too low during cold. Suckers develop on the trees, which might slow down the growth process. Therefore it is necessary to cut them off for healthy trees and good shape.

4. American Holly Tree

If you prefer to have the beauty of your backyard all year round, then we recommend you to have American Holly(scientific name – Ilex opaca).

This tree grows in neutral to acidic and well-drained soil and blossoms leaves and berries. Prune the trees by yourself once every year. American Holly mostly grows under the sun, but it can be grown in partial shade too.

5. Magnolia Tree

Our experts say that when you plant a magnolia, it comes with extra privacy and provides shade during summers in your backyard. Magnolias are low-maintenance trees that need to water nicely after planting and grow well in drained clay or acidic soil.

They are evergreen, deciduous trees with pink and white flowers. Many homeowners prefer planting Southern Magnolia(scientific name – Magnolia grandiflora) in the backyard.

6. Dogwood Tree

Dogwood trees(scientific name – Cornus florida) are the most attractive and popular among all the low-maintenance trees which enhance your property.

They have a long lifespan when planted properly. Dogwood trees adapt to a wide variety of soil conditions. They are easy to grow and produce lovely red, white, or pink flowers and berries.

Experts suggest planting dogwood trees as they are easy to take care of and provide pleasant shade in your backyard.

7. Apple Tree

Our experts suggest growing apple trees because the moderate climate of Portland helps the fruit trees to grow easily. Also, apple trees are easy to plant and maintain if you do it properly.

Among several types of apple trees, the Liberty tree is the most disease resistant. You can also plant the crab apple(scientific name – Malus sylvestris) tree in the backyard.

They increase the appeal of your property but also attract insects. These trees have dark green foliage with the beautiful flowers looking more attractive.

8. Oak Tree

Oak trees are considered one of the fastest-growing, and lowest-maintenance trees that you can grow anywhere in Oregon.

It can be grown in almost any type of soil, tolerate pollution, and flourishes in both extreme heat and cold. Oak trees( scientific name – Quercus) are prone to pests and disease, so it is a must to take necessary protection.

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