June 1, 2021
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Top Landscape Maintenance Tasks

Top Landscape Maintenance Tasks

As your car needs regular maintenance, so does your lawn. But unlike cars, maintenance of the lawn can’t be done in a day. There are a lot of tasks involved to maintain the landscape.

If you want to know some landscaping tasks, then continue reading.

Landscape Maintenance Checklist

♦ Mow The Yard Weekly

⇒ If you want your grass to look slick and well-maintained, then you need to mow your yard every week. Plus, it also keeps the pests and insects away. Don’t chuck on task as it keeps your grass healthy and your yard fine-looking.

♦ Fertilize

⇒ Plants, trees, and grass can’t grow well without proper nutrition. Fertilizer provides them with nutritions that are lacking in the soil. Besides that, it also controls weed growth.

♦ Spring And Fall Clearance

⇒ Spring and fall clearance involves various yard maintenance tasks such as pruning, leaf removal, tree trimming, changing the bed, and mulching. This helps to improve the aesthetics of your yard.

♦ Disposal of Leaf

⇒ It may sound like a simple landscape maintenance task but it isn’t. This is a labor-intensive task where you need to put in time and effort. Plus, this is a task you need to perform regularly to keep your yard neat and clean.

♦ Plant Health Management

⇒ Besides the lawn, trees, plants, and shrubs also need proper maintenance for them to grow and thrive. With proper fertilization, watering, and regular pruning, you can create a perfect balance for them to flourish.

♦ Aeration of The Plants

⇒ Roots grow on each other creating a layer that doesn’t the soil beneath to get enough air. Create holes in the yard so that it can breathe and get water inside. This also allows you to overseed and start growing new plants.

♦ Watering Your Yard

⇒ One of the most important yard maintenance tasks that one needs to do on a bi-weekly basis is to water your yard. You can do this manually or install a sprinkler system in your yard. This keeps the plants hydrated and healthy.

Let Professionals Take Over Your Landscape Maintenance Tasks!

Landscape maintenance services are the perfect option for people who are either busy or don’t have the knowledge or utilities to maintain their yard. Professionals will come to your home and do the upkeeping to maintain your yard.

If you want professional help to maintain your landscape, RCS Landscape, LLC can help you with it in the Portland region. So, let us help you keep your yard in great condition. Call today!

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