October 8, 2021
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Checklist For Seasonal Landscape Maintenance

Checklist For Seasonal Landscape Maintenance

Adding beautiful landscapes to your property has plenty of benefits. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also drastically improves its resale value. Although easy to install, it has one major drawback. Your beautiful landscape designs need regular maintenance all year long.

This may sound overwhelming, but when you timely schedule seasonal landscape maintenance, you will realize it is easier than you think. This landscape maintenance schedule checklist we have prepared for you will guide you through the year.

Spring Landscape Maintenance

♦ Spring Garden Maintenance

⇒ One of the most important tips for landscape maintenance in spring is to use a spring fertilizer on your lawns.

⇒ Because of the snow, there might be areas that will require repairing.

⇒ Remove the winter trunk protection and old mulch, and re-apply them at the base of trees and shrubs.

⇒ You need to thoroughly water these new plants, as the harsh winters might have dehydrated them.

⇒ Don’t forget to fertilize and groom the ground covers.

⇒ Plant season-appropriate flowers and vegetables.

⇒ Prune the vines growing over arbors and trellises to keep them in check.

⇒ Move the furniture out of storage, and clean them needed.

⇒ Refresh gravel as needed.

⇒ Repair or replace wiring or bulbs on outdoor fixtures.

Summer Landscape Maintenance

♦ Summer Garden Maintenance

⇒ Keep taller grass in summers as they hold up the heat and drought better.

⇒ In the morning hours, water your lawn thoroughly as needed.

⇒ Conduct regular checks for insect or disease damage

⇒ Trim hedges of the first new growth flush.

⇒ Harvest the vegetables and fruits when they are ripe.

⇒ Fill the water containers when dry.

⇒ Train the vines by tying them to keep them in control.

⇒ Clean tools timely.

⇒ Weed between pavers in pathways if the need arises.

⇒ Re-paint the building exteriors as needed.

Fall Landscape Maintenance

♦ Fall Garden Maintenance

⇒ You need to begin the fall maintenance in the middle of October. Overseed the entire lawn or the spots that need refreshing.

⇒ Add fresh additions such as oak, holly, and beauty berry.

⇒ Clean up the fallen crops and leaves from fruit trees.

⇒ Don’t forget to compost those leaves.

⇒ Replant overcrowded perennials.

⇒ Before the first frost, you need to harvest the vegetables.

⇒ Maintain clean tools.

⇒ You need to run the gas engine mowers until they are empty or add a fuel stabilizer.

⇒ Drain the permanent water systems, pools, and ponds.

⇒ Store hoses, outdoor furniture, and tools properly.

Winter Landscape Maintenance

♦ Winter Garden Maintenance

⇒ Lightly use nitrogen fertilizer in late winter if your lawn is green in winters.

⇒ As we mentioned above, winters can dehydrate your plants, so water them.

⇒ Spray your freshly pruned fruit trees with dormant oil to protect them.

⇒ Wrap the trees with tree guards for protection against rodent damage.

⇒ Replace and repair the wintering bulbs, discarding those that have rotten.

⇒ Order seeds for the spring.

⇒ Fertilize flowers when the winter is comparatively mild.

⇒ Check if the irrigation systems are working at optimal capacity.

⇒ Clear the snow off the decks, patios, and walkways.

⇒ If you have any stone or concrete walls, this is the time to repair them.

How Do I Design My Landscape?

To design, begin with determining the requirements of your landscape. For instance, the climate in your region and the soil in your yard. Think about what your theme will be, as that will help you navigate the process better. You also need to plan for the future, as the different seasons have different effects on your landscape. Thus, you need to conduct seasonal landscape maintenance.

We understand that landscaping is a tedious and time-consuming task, thus we at RCS Landscape LLC will do it for you. We charge according to the average landscaping maintenance cost in the market. Our top-rated landscape maintenance service in Portland also includes installation and redesign.

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