October 24, 2022
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Complete Guide On Average Landscaping Maintenance Costs

Complete Guide On Average Landscaping Maintenance Costs

Landscaping is an effective way to enhance the beauty of your front yard or backyard. Also, it creates an eco-friendly and energy-efficient home environment. But to keep this landscaping beauty live, you need to have professional landscape maintenance services.

While you are thinking of a professional approach to maintain the landscape design, then the cost comes first in mind. The landscape maintenance cost depends on different factors like the yard size, location, and types of landscaping.

Moreover, the average landscaping maintenance costs vary between $100 to $200 per month. Let’s dive deep into the detailed research on it.

Factors Affecting Average Landscaping Maintenance Costs

♦ Tree Trimming and Removal Cost

Tree Trimming and Removal Cost

Tree trimming is an important part of your landscaping. It removes dead trees. The cost for tree trimming lies between $300 to $500.The cost for tree removal is $200 for a small tree and increases up to a few thousand as per the size of the tree.

♦ Cost For Lawn Weeding

Cost For Lawn Weeding

In springtime, your garden is full of weeds that propagate and start to grow gradually with time. Cutting tall weeds is a tedious task. So, calling a professional landscaper is a better choice. The average cost for lawn weeding is approximately $50 to $80 per hour.

♦ Lawn Aeration Cost

Lawn Aeration Cost

The cost of lawn aeration is around $75 to $250. For landscaping, soil quality plays a vital role. It is influenced by the aeration process. A landscaper can ensure the aeration of water, air, and nutrients in the soil.

♦ Cost For Lawn Fertilizer

Cost For Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizer is the best ingredient to improve the quality of the soil. Organic fertilizer can boost nutrient intake and better water absorption. The average cost of lawn fertilizer is $0.48 per hour.

Hire The Best Landscape Professionals

If you are not able to maintain your beautiful yard, then trust professional landscape maintenance services by RCS landscape, LLC in Portland. We ensure you to give cost-effective tree trimming, lawn fertilizer, and all other landscaping services by using modern tools and methods.

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