July 5, 2022
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What is Tree Pruning & 5 Methods of Tree Pruning

What is Tree Pruning & Methods of Tree Pruning

Trees are important parts of our lives as they provide more than an appealing look to our garden and landscape. But unlike the forest, we can not let the trees in our garden or landscape grow freely. They require a different treatment so that they do not become trouble in your day-to-day activities.

Tree Pruning:-

Tree Pruning is a part of tree maintenance where your selective cut down the unwanted branches of a tree to give it a proper shape and help in its healthy growth.

Apart from the water, fertilizers, and sunlight, the right kind of maintenance like pruning can help your trees in many ways. Moreover, you also have several benefits from regularly trimming trees in your landscape.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

  • Broken and old branches get cut down.
  • Prevention from falling branches.
  • Helpful in proper growth.
  • Trees grow in proper shape.
  • Enhances the look of trees and landscape.
  • Improves tree health.

Methods of Tree Pruning

1. Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is a type of tree pruning that removes smaller, weaker stems and branches from the top of your trees. This procedure opens the tree canopy and allows air and light to get to the branches and leaves in the lower part of a tree. It also reduces the weight of larger limbs and lowers the risk of them getting broken in the storm.

2. Dead Pruning

Dead pruning is the process of cutting off the dead and diseased branches. It is necessary for your plant as well as your family. The diseased and damaged tree branches can suddenly fall and causes the growth of harmful germs and bacteria. Dead pruning can improve the appearance of your landscape, and prevents you and your family from accidents and bacteria.

3. Crown Reduction

This type of tree pruning is concerned with the height of trees. This process removes the small stems and branches attached to the large and heavy branches. It ensures that trees do not become heavy at the top. It is a suitable process for younger trees and helps them grow strong and healthy without the added weight of smaller branches.

4. Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is a pruning process to remove the low-hanging branches of trees. Such low-hanging branches weigh down the higher branches and become obstacles for sideways, roads, and other areas of your property. Also makes the tree overweight. This process is also suitable for younger trees. It maintains the proper shape of trees and gives them an attractive look.

5. Pollarding

Pollarding is another type of tree pruning. It involves removing all the branches back to the trunk. You can do pollarding when the tree is young. It is done in regular intervals to limit the growth of trees.

Summing Up

Tree Pruning is the process of removing unwanted limbs and branches of trees in your landscape. It is a necessary process and has many benefits for you and the tree itself. There are different types of tree pruning that are done for different purposes. You can also call for Professional tree service for more information.

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