August 1, 2022
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Unique Ideas About Selecting Trees For Your Lawn

Unique Ideas About Selecting Trees For Your Lawn

If you are looking to increase the privacy of your property or just create an inviting outdoor living space. Then trees are the best option. They are an excellent addition of color and shade while they also increase the value of your backyard.

However, selecting trees for your lawn is not as easy as planting a flower bed. There are many options to choose from and deciding which one to choose could be overwhelming. You need to account for the space available as well as the height while choosing the tree.

Top Trees You Can Pick For Your Lawn

Crabapple Tree

Also known as “jewels of the landscape,” this tree species enhances the beauty of any landscape you plant it in. These trees are known for their attractive foliage and fragrant blossoms, carrying fruit that is green or red. Native to cold temperatures, these trees require little maintenance except for watering, and the occasional pruning.

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Japanese Lilac

When selecting trees for your lawn, you can also opt for Japanese Lilac. Known as Syringa reticulata, these trees have beautiful clusters of white, fragrant flowers that grow to be about a foot long and 10 inches wide. These trees guarantee flower and fragrance all year long and are also very easy to transplant and they hold up well in areas of urban pollution.

Pagoda Dogwood Tree

If you are looking for trees to plant at home, then Cornus alternifolia or Pagoda Dogwood Tree is your best bet. When in bloom, this tree will grow small white flowers in clusters. These flowers are fragrant and often bloom in two to three-inch groupings in the late spring.

Korean Fir

This slow-growing tree species produce flowers and fruit as cones in the shade of deep violet before they mature to a delicate tan color. Most of these trees grow in cooler climates. However, they require extra care for the first few years in your garden.

How Do I Pick A Tree For My Lawn?

There are four factors to consider when selecting trees for your lawn.

  1. Height
  2. Width
  3. Canopy
  4. Debris

When you decide to plant a tree, you need to ask yourself questions like are there power lines overhead? Are there tall trees over new trees that overlap? The width of the tree is important to decide the area that it will cover. How the trees will look from above and even the debris these will leave impacts the decision.

So, if you don’t want to get into the hassle of tree planning for your lawn, book an appointment with professionals. Their expertise lies in a variety of things, from landscape installation to maintenance as well as landscape redesign. You can call them anytime if you have any kind of inconvenience and also if you need some advice.

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