Tree Services Lake Oswego OR

The professional tree services in Lake Oswego OR, will help residential and commercial owners maintain trees in the area.

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Tree Services

Professional Tree Services in Lake Oswego OR!

As trees grow abundantly in all directions with different sizes, it is vital to trim them regularly. Moreover, these tree branches in your backyard can hinder your house building. So, in such cases, tree removal is advised.

RCS Landscape, LLC, is renowned for professional tree services Lake Oswego OR and nearby areas. Also, our experts serve both residential and commercial spaces with tree pruning services.

Moreover, our professionals ensure to follow all the State rules and standards while delivering a tree trimming service. Oswego receives a rainfall of about 42 inches annually. Property owners call us for emergency tree care services.

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Tree Services

4 Types Of Tree Services Offered By Us

Tree Services Lake Oswego

Tree Removal

Remove declining, rotting, or diseased trees through professional tree removal services

Tree Services Lake Oswego

Tree Pruning

Avail tree pruning services for their healthy growth

Tree Services Lake Oswego

Tree Trimming

Shape your trees with tree trimming services to change the entire backyard’s appearance

Tree Services Lake Oswego

Stump Grinding

Get rid of stumps with professional stump grinders of RCS Landscape LLC


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Tree Services

Get the Finest Tree Services In Lake Oswego, OR!

The people of Oswego trust RCS Landscape, LLC when it comes to Tree Services. We guarantee you to achieve 100% satisfactory results from all our tree pruning, trimming, and stump grinding services. Our brand is known for the three services we provide.

We offer our service to locations like Lake Oswego, Portland, and surrounding areas. Our professionals ensure to deliver their best. They are known for their service to Commercial and Residential clients. For any of your Tree Services, give us a call now!

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What Our Clients Are Saying!

Tree Services Lake Oswego
“Ricardo was nice and provided great feedback on my backyard needs. Appreciated the guidance.”

jason fields

Tree Services Lake Oswego
“Excellent work, outstanding ethics, friendly and am very pleased with their rates. Totally recommend José and crew!”

Maureen Kirkbride


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FAQS Tree Services, Lake Oswego

Which Season Is Best For Tree Services?
We serve our customers all the year. Summer months are easy for minor trimming or thinning. November to March are the months for Tree Pruning. When the trees do not have leaves, it gets easy for us to work due to the visibility. Also, it saves time for flowers and elements to be avoided or preserved. Although we are available at any time of the year to provide you with tree Services
What Is The Difference Between Tree Trimming And Tree Pruning?
Tree Trimming is usually for hedges and shrubs. Tree Pruning is for trees and shrubs. Tree Trimming correctly ensures growth. However, pruning protects trees and shrubs. Pruning will get rid of loose, dead, or infected branches so that shrub can get shaped for aesthetic purposes. Tree Trimming happens on overgrown bushes so that shrubs can get more light and moisture.
What Is The Best Time Of The Year For Tree Trimming?
A dormant season is best to trim or prune the shrub or tree. The only exception is during hazards. You can prune at any time of the year. Ideally better do it in their dormant season. Call our experts, and they shall guide you through the process. We would serve your professional or residential needs.
Can I Prune The Trees By Myself?
Well, we believe that there is nothing impossible. We advise you not to try that by yourself. Always have expert help for tree pruning. Professionals know how to plan the pruning and give you and the plant their required and desired treatment. Give us a call and we would guide you through the entire Tree Pruning process.
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