August 17, 2021
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What To Do About Dog Urine Spots On Lawn?

Dog Urine Spots On Lawn

A beautiful lawn acts as an extension of the living room. It is the most exciting place for you and your family to relax, hang out, play and if you have a pet, they also like it.

On the other hand, the unfortunate side effect of your dog’s fondness in the lawn is the urine marks. Dog urine mainly produces unattractive burn marks on your lawn. It is caused due to nitrogen which is rich in dog urine.

Over time, it kills the grass as it is collected in one place. So, it is important to prevent dog urine spots on lawn, because this urine acts as a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. If it is too much on your lawn, then it permanently damages your garden.

To protect burned grass, you need to minimize the amount of nitrogen that comes in contact with grass. There are steps to prevent your grass from the yellow and brown spots in your landscape. So, the following are the prevention tips on dog urine spots on your lawn.

Top Tips To Prevent Dog Urine Spots On Lawn

1) Train Your Dog To Urinate In One Place

Teach your dog to urinate in one spot to reduce the amount of yard damage. If possible, you can also enclose some area with the fence, so that your dog can only go there. In addition to that, you can also create some space with long grasses or low bushes. So, it is less visible from other parts of your landscape.

2) Cover Ground With Urine Resistance Plant

You can cover brown spots on lawn from dog urine with urine-resistant plants. There are various urine-resistant types of grass available. Among them, ryegrass and fescue are the most adopted urine-resistant grass. They are a great option to protect your yard from pet urine spots on lawn. It reduces the average landscaping maintenance costs.

3) Increase The Water Content Of Your Dog

Feeding wet food instead of dry food is a straightforward approach to handle dog urine spots. The more water your dog consumes, the less nitrogen is concentrated in the urine, which is less harmful to your lawn. It is also better for your dog’s health. It subsequently reduces the dog urine spots on lawn. Of course, this method will make your dog urinate frequently, but the advantages exceed the inconvenience.

4) Use Water To Spray On Affected Areas

You can spray the water in the affected areas in order to minimize the effect of nitrogen on your lawn. Spraying water on the affected areas dilutes the nitrogen and lessens the impact on your lawn.

5) Use Lawn Repair Product

There are treatments available to clean and flush out excess salt from the root zone. For an instance, organic enzymes and soil cleaners are used in the treatment. It helps to maintain the beauty of your lawn with such treatments. It helps to compensate for your dog pee spots in the grass with these advanced repair products.

Are You Looking For Lawn Maintenance Near Me?

It is difficult to maintain your yard with full-time work and at home with kids and pets. In such cases, preserve the beauty with professional landscape maintenance service from RCS Landscape, LLC. It provides the best cleaning methods to reduce dog urine spots on lawn. We provide top-notch services to our clients with tips on maintaining your plant and landscape.

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