August 24, 2022
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Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas For Portland Backyards

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas For Portland Backyards

Generally, all backyards need the same level of upkeep and maintenance periodically. But, again different factors will affect things like watering, mowing, weeding, pruning, etc. The watering and mowing will take more time compared to weeding and pruning work.

Also, other factors include the types of plants you keep in your yards. Some specific plants will need more care and some will require less maintenance. So, know here the low-maintenance landscaping ideas for Portland yards.

Top 3 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas For Portland Yards

1. Perennials Plantation

Perennials Plantation

If you wish to build a garden that gives colorful blooms every year without the need to add new plants in spring, then perennials are the best. Perennials come back by themselves after their dormant season. Also, the perennials plantation will remain for at least 3 years without any maintenance.

The roses that grow well in the Portland climate are the best example of perennials. Besides roses, the other low-maintenance perennials are catmint, hellebore, and yarrow.

2. Building Native Portland Plants

Building Native Portland Plants

Regardless of whether you plant perennials, evergreens, or any different class of plants, the native Portland plants are the best to have low-maintenance landscaping. It is because native plants will grow better in their local climates to adapt to seasonal changes like cold snaps, heat waves, dry spells, and long rainy day stretches. It means these plants will not die easily.

The best Portland natives are Oregon iris, Pacific crabapple, and Douglas spiraea. These natives are even strong to tackle the Portland winters and don’t need much care like fertilizers, pest control, or water to grow.

3. Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens

When you have a rain garden, then there is no worry about watering the plants periodically. Also, a rain garden will collect the stormwater and thus protect your property from excessive flooding due to rains. Even rain gardens are good for the environment also. Because the roots of plants will filter the pollutants out of rainwater before it naturally flows into rivers.

However, choose the plants that can standstill in both situations like drought and flooding while designing your rain garden. These plants should survive up to 48 hours after rainfall in standing water or dry spells also.

How Much Does It Cost To Landscape A Backyard?

The average cost to landscape a backyard lies between $20,000 to $44,550. But, still, many different factors can affect the pricing of backyard landscaping. Also, if you wish to have the finest design for your backyards, then landscaping professionals at RCS Landscape, LLC are the best.

Apart from giving low-maintenance landscaping ideas, our backyard landscape designers will help you to create a beautiful Portland yard without any hassle. If you cannot properly maintain your backyard you can also call professionals to make it possible.

They are well-trained and have vast experience with their hi-tech tools. You can call them 24/7 for any advice or you can call to know the quote for your house.

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