March 10, 2021
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Landscape Redesign Consultation Questions That You Must Know

Landscape Redesign Consultation Questions That You Must Know

Since summers are on the way, many people plan to hang out on their porches or in their backyard. Similarly, people with a good backyard space need to reorganize it to make it suitable for the upcoming spring season. With all that in mind, hiring landscape designers comes to mind first.

Listed Key Question For Hiring Landscape Redesign Consultation

Read landscape redesign consultation questions before you make the final call of getting your backyard back in place.

◊ Why Do We Need to Choose A Landscape Redesigner?

Landscaping is not as simple as it seems. One needs to have complete knowledge of different types of soil, flowers, and vegetation. When you hire a landscape redesigner, give them a brief about your needs. They will design your backyard accordingly, using their knowledge and skills.

◊ How Will You Change The Look of Our Backyard?

This is the most common landscape redesign consultation question. A great design addresses concerns of the client. Experienced landscape contractors create a design having beauty and functionality working together. A proper brief from your side on what you want in your backyard forms the basis of design.

Landscape Redesign and Installation in Portland OR

◊ Do You Use Local Flora and Fauna or Exotic Ones?

Most landscape designers prefer to use local flora and fauna as they thrive in the region’s climatic conditions. However, the use of different materials in the construction or varied species of plants completely depends on the budget you set for your backyard redesigning project.

◊ Is Landscape Maintenance Services Also Part of The Package?

Ask the contractor about all the plant types and their maintenance plan, if you prefer to do the maintenance yourself. If you want your landscape contractor to provide you with maintenance services, then you have to convey it to them beforehand and pay additional charges for it.

◊ Spring Season = Spending Time In Your Backyard

If this summer you plan to spend most of your time in your backyard, then you get it redesigned professionally? Hire professional landscape redesigner RCS Landscape, LLC in Portland by calling on (503) 828-7095.

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