February 15, 2022
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Find Out What Is Included In The Landscape Maintenance Service?

Find Out What Is Included In The Landscape Maintenance Service_

Having a landscape is the easy part, but Landscape Maintenance Service is the hard part.  Taking care of all the flora and fauna takes lots of time and effort on your behalf. But to make a difference one needs to have knowledge and passion for gardening. Even that much is not enough.

To keep your landscape in the best manner, you need the help of an expert for landscape maintenance service. Professional landscapers know how to take care of your landscape to the best of their abilities. You can also ask for landscape maintenance tips for you to take care of your backyard.

The landscape maintenance service includes many various things. Read below to know more.

Things Included In Landscape Maintenance Services

〉 Seasonal Cleaning

Landscape Maintenance Service

Some plants and flowers bloom in only a specific season. After that season passes, you need to clear them away as these plants won’t grow at all. This is where landscape maintenance companies in Portland come into the picture. They clear the landscape off of seasonal plants.

〉 Pruning

Pruning the plants

For the proper growth and health of plants, you need to cut them from time to time. Pruning is a time-consuming job. So, if you have professional landscape services in Portland, then your plants will be in great condition all year long.

〉 Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Lawn care includes mowing lawns and taking care of the plants by feeding them the correct pesticides. The professional landscaper comes to your property and mows your lawn, collects all the debris, and disposes of it properly. They also protect them from pests and insects.

〉 Mulching


Many clients ask for mulching once or twice a year. Professional landscape maintenance services in Portland appease the looks of their landscape by mulching. But it also offers several benefits like minimizing weed growth and increase in water retention.

〉 Tree Health Care

Tree Health Care

Well, now trees are generally hard to take care of. Though they may seem low maintenance, it is not. You need to hire a full-time professional landscaper to look after the tree branches and the growth of trees.

Professional Landscape Maintenance Services Provider Company in Portland!

Many people have a checklist for landscape maintenance services that cover all the problems which need to be maintained. Professionals are very useful in covering up all these tasks. If searching for professionals, we at RCS Landscape, LLC provide the best landscape maintenance services in Portland and surrounding areas.

We ensure to provide 100% satisfaction to all our clients. Our professionals are experts in these services and are well known for their amazing work. For any new bookings follow our website.

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