May 24, 2021
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How To Perform Concrete Landscape Installation Services?

How To Perform Concrete Landscape Installation Services_

What’s the best method to keep your flower beds isolated from the rest of the garden while still keeping them stylish? Well, we have the perfect answer to your question. Install concrete landscape edging all-around your flowerbed. 

To keep the plants distinct from the rest of the garden, concrete landscape edging is frequently utilized as a decorative border. This separation is provided so that plants can retain water, soil, manure, etc. 

Plus, concrete landscape edgings are affordable, fashionable, and long-lasting. So, you can also use them to define trees and driveways. Their adaptability allows them to become part of any landscape design without much effort.  

So, let us learn how to install concrete landscape edging.

What Are The Steps Of Landscape Installation Services 

Here, you can either use concrete landscape edging blocks or make your concrete landscape edging. The choice is yours. However, using concrete landscape edging blocks makes the installation process quick and simple. 

Either way, the process of installation is pretty similar. Now, let us find out how you install concrete edging.

⇒ Get The Area Ready

To do this, start with marking the area you want your concrete landscape edging to be at using a garden hose. The design of the edging should be at least 5” wide. Once you are okay with the design, you a paint spray to mark the entire design.    

⇒ Dig a Pit Or Ditch  

Dig a ditch that is 4” wide and 8” in width. Now, pad the soil tightly so that it stays firm during concreting. Place at least 1” of sand in the ditch. Pack it properly so that it has a proper level and smooth finish.  

⇒ Create A Border From Wood

Place 1”x1” x12” wooden stakes all around the border of the ditch at one-and-a-half-foot intervals. Now, use a flexible hardwood or plywood of 1/4″ x 4″ x 8″ size and screw them to the stakes using 1” wooden nails. 

Also, use 1”x1” spacers with a length equal to the width of the border. Place the spacers wherever you want. See to it that the width of the border is the same throughout the border. 

⇒ Pour In The Concrete or Set Your Edgers

Make concrete as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Mix it till it is in a workable condition. Place the concrete all over the ditch using a margin trowel. It will also set it properly. 

In the case of concrete edging blocks, you can set each of them side-by-side. Start this process from the corners, so in case there is a need to cut the edges of the edges, it won’t be noticeable in the corner.

Once the water bleeds out of the concrete, smoothen it up with a wood float. Now, use a margin trowel to cut 1″ deep joints into the concrete after every 3-foot gap. Also, use a concrete edging tool to set and smooth the border edges. 

Lastly, apply a coat of acrylic concrete sealer onto the concrete. Let it cure for 3 to 5 days. After it is cured, take out the forms and fill in any gaps with dirt, pebbles, and soil. 

In the case of concrete edging blocks, fill in all the space between adjacent blocks with dirt, pebbles, and soil. 

Why Hire Professionals For Landscape Installation Services

It is important to hire professional landscape installation services to install good concrete landscape edging.

Yet, don’t just hire anyone blindly. There are certain things you should look at in landscape installation services, such as experience, knowledge, professionalism, etc. Take your time and hire only a competent landscaper for your garden.

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