September 23, 2021
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15 Beautiful Landscape Designs For Front Yards

15 Beautiful Landscape Designs For Front Yards

How does enjoying a barbeque with your friends or playing catch with your kid in your front yard sound? Definitely, it feels exciting. But, to enjoy playing or sitting in your front yards, you need to create an appealing design and feel in it. So, learn here the top 15 wonderful landscape designs for front yards.

List Of Modern Landscape Designs For Front Yards

Sculptural Garden Gazebo

1) Sculptural Garden Gazebo

A sculptural garden gazebo is made from iron and it is a simple landscape design that adds an interesting rustic look to your landscape.

Hidden Garden

2) Hidden Garden

Do you have extra front yard space and don’t know what to do with it? Add a small garden space with overhead trees. This can be your private space.

Flower Border

3) Flower Border

If you’re looking for large front yard landscaping ideas, grow a flower border on its periphery. This will define your border and increase the curb appeal.

Garden Sheds

4) Garden Sheds

Adding a garden shed to your front yard is an easy way for you to use up extra space while also making it efficient.

Climbing Vines

5) Climbing Vines

Ever wished to live in a fairytale mansion? Then, add climbing vines to your landscaping designs. However, be mindful of trimming it regularly unless it will take over your home.

Garden Fountains

6) Garden Fountains

Another addition to your fairytale mansion is a garden fountain. The benefit of the same is that you can drown the unwanted noise of the city with the soothing sound of water.

Zen Garden

7) Zen Garden

One of the most appealing landscape designs for front yards is to build a zen garden. Besides adding to the appeal of your front yard, they also provide relief from stress.


8) Topiaries

This is where you can indulge your creativity. To show that you’re the fun house in the neighborhood, you can give fun shapes to your topiary.

9) Boxwood Parterres

Plant boxwood parterres in your front yard to have an incredible view from your bedroom window.

10) Raise Garden Beds

To increase the visual appeal, you can also pair the raised garden beds with patios or add multiple layers to your front yard.

Gravel Garden

11) Gravel Garden

A gravel garden is truly versatile as it can act as a concrete landscape edging as well as a base for other landscaping ideas.

Rose Garden

12) Rose Garden

Planting a rose garden is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, because roses are beautiful. The second reason is that you only have to maintain one kind of flower, thus saving your time and money.

Garden Dining Area

13) Garden Dining Area

Now, add a dinner table to your rose garden and you have an outdoor dining area among roses.

Fire Pit

14) Fire Pit

A firepit gives a warm atmosphere to your home during cold weather. Spending a chilly winter night sitting with your family near a fireplace with hot chocolate in hand and smooth jazz playing in the background is the best feeling.

15) Tree Lantern

If you’re looking for an innovative way to lighten up your pathway you can incorporate tree lanterns in your landscaping.

How Much Should I Budget For Front Yard Landscaping?

A landscape design and installation cost is around 10% of your home’s value. Mainly, front yard landscaping cost between $2,000 to $5,000. If you have looked at landscape designs for front yards but don’t know how to proceed, then hire RCS Landscape LLC today. We promise to revamp your landscape according to your dream designs.

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