October 12, 2022
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Basic Tree Care Tips For Beginners

Basic Tree Care Tips For Beginners

Trees play a crucial role in the appearance of a landscape, be it a residential or commercial property. Trees in your landscape create a fresh and soothing environment and also increase your property value.

Tree care is a crucial part of landscaping. Popper maintenance ensures the healthy growth of trees and preserves the appealing appearance of your property.

So if you are also looking for basic tree care tips, this blog is for you. But remember one thing, you can not do everything on your own. For better care of your trees, you might need the help of professionals.

In this blog, we have discussed basic tree care tips for beginners that will ensure the healthy growth of your trees.

Basic Tree Care Tips For Beginners For Landscape 

Proper Watering 

Watering is a fundamental thing for a tree. But knowing the correct method to water a tree is crucial. Depending on the type of tree, weather, and age, you might need to follow different watering patterns.

For example, you need to regularly water the trees and keep the soil moist for young trees below the age of 2 years. While for trees older than 2 years, watering twice or thrice a week is sufficient.


This tip is for newly planted trees. Clear the grass within 2-3 feet around the tree and mulch that area with 3-5 inch thickness with natural mulch like tree bark, wood chips, grain straw, etc.

Mulching is very beneficial for newly planted trees. It prevents the roots from high temperatures, keeps the soil moist, and controls soil erosion. Proper mulching leads to the healthy growth of your trees.


Tree pruning is a method of cutting down dead and unwanted branches of your tree for its healthy growth. Cutting off the dead branches keeps your trees looking fresh and prevents them from diseases.

There are different methods of tree pruning. You can prune your trees with suitable methods, depending on your requirement and the age of your tree. Avoid excessive pruning of trees as it can damage them.


Similar to humans, trees also require essential nutrients for healthy growth. Fertilization is the best way to provide those nutrients to your trees. You should regularly fertilize your trees with essential fertilizers.

Try using natural fertilizers as they do not cause any side effects on trees. Furthermore, if you use store-bought fertilizers, make sure they are from trusted brands. Cheap and untrusted fertilizers can affect the health of your tree.

Tree Care Do’s & Don’ts 

  • Do check for pests & diseases.
  • Do mow the area around trees.
  • Do prevent trees with fencing.
  • Don’t water excessively.
  • Don’t prune too frequently.
  • Don’t cut down trees on your own.


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